What a beheading feels like

What a beheading feels like

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Global Lysine Market 2017 Medical Research, Analysis, Demand, Trend 2021

Global Lysine Market Research Report

This report provides a strategic analysis of the Lysine market and the growth estimates for the forecasted period.The market research analyst projects the global Lysine market to grow at a considerable CAGR, in terms of revenue,over the forecast period. The report will provide the client with market insights andin-depth analysis of multiple market segments on the basis of applications, end-users, and geographicalcross-sectional study across the globe.This report also provides market sizing and forecasts for the Lysine market. In addition, it provides a copious view on the market dynamics such as market drivers, market restraints, and opportunities for each of the micro markets.

The report provides detailedinformation with respect to competitive landscape along with the top competitors in the Lysine market.Furthermore, to help the clients make strategic decision, the reporthighlights a comprehensiveprofiling of leading players, their detailed analysis, their key developments along withthe market positioning. The report also foregrounds current and future market trends in order to justify the forthcoming attractive markets within the Lysine market.Moreover, clients are also provided with segment-wise, region-wise, and country-wise analysis of the Lysine market.To convey a proper analysis of all the data, the report comprises a number of figures, graphs, tables, and diagrams, which will help the clients get a crystal clear idea of the current trends in the Lysine market. Additionally, the report also strategically analyzes the Lysine market with regards to individual growth trends, future prospects, and contribution of each segment to the market. Various competitive developments such as contracts and agreements, new product developments, expansions, and mergers & acquisitions in the Lysine market are also included in the report.

This research study incorporated the use of extensive secondary sources, directories, and databases in order to identify and gather information useful for the technical, market-oriented, and commercial study of the Lysine market.This report is an effort to identify driving factors for the Lysine market and sub-markets in the near future.The research report also presents an exhaustive evaluation of the Lysine market and comprises contemplative insights, historical data, facts, and statistically supportedmarket data that is industry-validated. It comprisesestimations using anappropriate set of assumptions and necessary methodologies. The research report provides analysis, statistics, particulars, and information with respect to the market segments such as geographies, applications, and others.

Highlights of the report:

A complete backdrop analysis, which includes an assessment of the parent market.
Important changes in market dynamics.
Market segmentation up to the second or third level.
Historical, current, and projected size of the market from the standpoint of both value and volume.
Reporting and evaluation of recent industry developments.
Market shares and strategies of key players.
Emerging niche segments and regional markets.

Regional Segment Analysis

North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East & Africa

The global medical industry is going to experience tremendous growth in the coming years with a range of development and investment opportunities for companies looking out to enter in this industry or to expand within. Healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors in the country both in terms of revenue as well as employment. This sector consists of medical devices, hospitals, health insurance, medical equipment etc. The Indian healthcare delivery system is basically classified in two components i.e. private and public. The public healthcare system which is run by the Government works towards providing basic healthcare facilities in the form of primary healthcare centers in the rural areas of the country.


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N.J. woman who provided fatal silicone penis enlargement procedure gets five years in prison

A New Jersey woman who caused a man’s death by injecting silicone into his penis has been sentenced to five years in state prison.

Kasia Rivera could also be deported to her native Jamaica under the sentence imposed Monday.


The 38-year-old East Orange woman had pleaded guilty in September to reckless manslaughter, shortly before her trial was to start. She admitted delivering the silicone injection that killed Justin Street in 2011.

Authorities say the 22-year-old East Orange man went to Rivera’s home so she could inject his penis with silicone, which he hoped would enlarge it. But the silicone she used wasn’t the kind used for medical procedures, and it caused an embolism which killed him.

Rivera acknowledged that she wasn’t a trained doctor or licensed to administer the injection.


There is a new solution coming up for ugly old women. Normally they would just become man-hating feminists. But soon they can have their brains transplanted into a sex doll, and feel beautiful again.


The Survivors of the Coming Apocalypse Just Wanna Have Fun

“I used to be into guns, but that’s not a realistic plan,” says Michael Robertson, 69, of Utah. “How many men do you need to guard a place 24 hours a day? Twenty?” About 13,000 preppers are gathered at this year’s PrepperCon in Sandy, Utah, the largest survivalist expo in the US. And around 200 vendors like Robertson, the purveyor of a $1,299 hand-cranked laundry machine, are here to ease you into life after civilization, after the power grids are shut off. Or an EMP hits. Or North Korea finally builds a nuke that can reach American soil. Each booth might answer the question that saves your life. Is your seed bank properly tailored to your local soil? Do you have enough seeds? What if someone tries to steal your seeds?

As far as merchandise goes, there’s something for everyone—bulletproof backpacks for kids, off-grid solar-powered water heaters, a stun gun disguised as a Vape pen capable of delivering 18 million volts, gardening tools, swords.

“I used to be into guns, but that’s not a realistic plan,” says Michael Robertson, 69, of Utah. “How many men do you need to guard a place 24 hours a day? Twenty?” About 13,000 preppers are gathered at this year’s PrepperCon in Sandy, Utah, the largest survivalist expo in the US. And around 200 vendors like Robertson, the purveyor of a $1,299 hand-cranked laundry machine, are here to ease you into life after civilization, after the power grids are shut off. Or an EMP hits. Or North Korea finally builds a nuke that can reach American soil. Each booth might answer the question that saves your life. Is your seed bank properly tailored to your local soil? Do you have enough seeds? What if someone tries to steal your seeds?

As far as merchandise goes, there’s something for everyone—bulletproof backpacks for kids, off-grid solar-powered water heaters, a stun gun disguised as a Vape pen capable of delivering 18 million volts, gardening tools, swords.

Robertson, who looks like the world’s oldest Boy Scout in his pressed khaki shirt and eggshell white, wide-brimmed outdoorsmen hat, along with 60 percent of all Utahns and nearly everyone at PrepperCon, is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—the original preppers of American history, thanks to an emphasis on readiness and the faith that we’re deep in the “Last Days” epoch of creation. The weekend gathering in quiet Sandy, about 20 miles south from Salt Lake City and buffered from the world by the Wasatch Mountain Range, might as well be a Mormon retreat.

And yet, considering that we’re surrounded by people discussing the collapse of civilization, there’s a real lack of urgency. The crowd putters around the carpeted convention hall, picking up pamphlets on collecting rainwater or stopping to look at Salvador Alvarenga, a celebrity survivor after 13 months adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Around 200 people die in storms every year, yet kids here skitter giggling through the Hurricane House simulator. Smart marketers with common products—like seed banks—pull eyes by slapping the words “Zombie” and “Survival” on their kits to appeal to the Walking Dead fans. And while you can get a lesson in strafing your way through an active shooter scenario obstacle course (the secret is to work in pairs and check a room’s corners before you charge in), the fact that everyone laughs after being fake-shot-in-the-head has a way of removing you from the implications of a country averaging at least one mass shooting per day.

Scott Stallings, who founded PrepperCon, says that the industries vital to a prepper’s stockpile—tents, home agriculture, precious metals, guns—have historically served a conservative market. But anyone who tunes into their local conservative AM talk radio will be familiar with ads that target the fragile state of decent society for aging men. Buy gold, boost your testosterone, and consider Ron Paul’s choice of freeze-dryers to store food for your family because you just never know.

But Robertson’s reticence to stockpile ammunition speaks to a larger shift in the market as right-wingers are no longer afraid of a government gun grab under Trump. There’s a levity here today, because the urgency has shifted elsewhere.

“The market has gone totally soft,” Robertson says. “Except for liberals. Liberals who’d never considered this are absolutely starting to prepare.” Clinton’s defeat in November soothed many conservative wallets shut, yet prepping is somehow at its most lucrative. Prepper Shows USA lists upcoming events in 20 states. It seems that something once considered the exclusive territory of paranoid militia types is moving into mainstream acceptance. And new business means new business strategies.

“The problem a lot of businesses have is they’ve staked themselves to a point of view,” says Survival Frog CEO Byron Walker, whose booth of meal replacement kits and water-purifying straws remains busy all weekend. “You go to their website and it’s covered with pop-up ads about Obama committing fraud or directing you to a Glenn Beck book. So right away you turn off half the people you could be selling to. The businesses that survive aren’t going to be hard on the left, I think, but they will avoid endorsing any side.”

Still, Walker agrees that Trump’s “loose cannon” persona has shocked a once apathetic progressive consumer into survivalist shopping sprees. Survival Frog sales were up 99 percent from the previous year in November 2016, and up 120 percent in December.

Supporting Walker’s thesis are the slew of “liberal prepper” trend pieces and the growing number of groups across social media—be they general like The Liberal Prepper Facebook page or the forums of the Survival Life website tracking personal stories of adjustment from liberal to survivalist. It’s here you’ll find that sense of panic conservatives lost when they saw Obama leave office without executing a coup. Scroll through their websites to read battles over whether they can be moral peppers without using guns, or if maybe even non-lethal force might be enough? (One argument on a private group centers over whether you can defend your homestead with a slingshot.) On this side of the aisle, accepting the necessity of prepping is not fun, but a cutting reversal of what is and isn’t paranoid behavior that some of the shell-shocked are still struggling to come to terms with

PrepperCon founder Stallings finds himself fascinated by where the broader base might drive the market. “It’s awesome!” he shouts over a serpentine EDM-remix of “Blurred Lines” during the Prepper Fashion show, where a model is strutting down the runway rocking a burlap tent fashioned into a bell skirt. He sees himself at the center of the prepper movement, and all of its changing and merging parts. Some of it is a welcome change: “We’re seeing some groups say they want to focus less on security and firearms. I like guns myself, but, if you gave me $500 to prepare with I’d rather spend it on seeds.” Some of it is an opulent distraction: “We’re seeing some groups spending millions on these outlandish bunkers pulling away from the core of the movement.” But in the end, “everyone is a liability in the right situation! We need people working together!”

And maybe, after an increasingly likely apocalypse, one can imagine the two sides of the prepper aisle working together, comparing notes on solar panels and trading seeds. It’s a fantasy only broken by the few people with overtly political messages, like the gun vendors, selling “Lock Her Up” shirts a few feet down from the assault rifles. Or that one vendor who wears a pair of Confederate flag suspenders as he gives out ammo advice and complains about “fake news.”


Butea superba Overview Information

Butea superba is a vine that grows in India, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The roots are used as medicine.

People take Butea superba for sexual performance problems (erectile dysfunction, ED) and lack of interest in sexual activity. They also take it for diarrhea, painful or difficult urination, and fever.

How does it work?

It is not known how Butea superba might work as a medicine. Some evidence suggests that the chemicals in Butea superba may act similarly to hormones that regulate sexual function.


The future of the world will be that it is ruled by China, and Western men will be the sex slaves of Chinese women. Because Chinese men have big brains and small penises, but Chinese women want big ones.



The only place more dangerous to live than prison is the world outside of it. A quick look at the evening news will convince any viewer that the world is a dangerous place to live. One violent crime is followed by another, and it becomes apparent that human nature has some serious flaws in it. Of course, not everybody feels the need to physically harm another person, but there are too many people who not only feel the compulsion, but embrace it willingly. Because the outside world is dangerous, criminal justice becomes vitally important to a healthy society. Prisons are designed to house criminals, and some prisons are designed specifically for the world’s most dangerous criminals. These are the criminals who pose the greatest threat to society.

While the hope of any criminal justice system is the reformation of a criminal’s character, housing the world’s most dangerous criminals together in a prison seems to make a prison’s violent atmosphere an inevitability. Added to that are the cruel conditions often created by some of the prisons’ staffs. The world’s most violent prisons are places where criminals fight daily either for their sanity or for their very survival. Following is a list of the top 10 most violent prisons in the world.

10. San Quentin Prison

san quentinSan Quentin Prison was established in 1852 and is the oldest prison in the state of California. Although the prison has a gas chamber, the only executions performed there are by lethal injection. Violence is a continual issue at San Quentin even with a large staff of guards. A particular incident occurred in February 2006 when some racially motivated attacks resulted in the injuries of 100 inmates. Additionally, two inmates were killed. The prison is known for its poor conditions, and a 2005 report stated that “it is our opinion that it is dangerous to house people there.”

9. Bang Kwang Prison

Bang Kwang PrisonBang Kwang Prison is located in Bangkok, Thailand and is nicknamed “the Bangkok Hilton.” However, it is far from being a place that anyone would want to stay. The prison is known for routine torture of its inmates. Inmates are crammed into small cells, and death row inmates are often given as little as two hours notice before they are dragged off to their execution.

8. Rikers Island Prison Rikers Island PrisonRikers Island Prison in New York has a legacy of prisoner violence. A man named John Reyes, who was a guard at the prison in 1991, mentioned being daily afraid because of the beatings and murders he witnessed there. Because of the prison’s history of violence, it is now one of the strictest prisons in the world. Several reform actions at the prison have helped reduce the number of stabbings a year down from 1,000 to 70.

7. Alcatraz Island Prison

AlcatrazAlthough Alcatraz Island Prison, located on Alctraz Island off the coast of San Francisco, California, has been shut down for many years, it housed some of the most dangerous criminals in history. One of its most famous prisoners was Al “Scarface” Capone. The prison was known for its violent escape attempts, the most notorious being the escape attempt known as the “Battle of Alcatraz” in May 1946. Alcatraz was forced to close its doors on March 21, 1963 because of its poor reputation and the high cost of maintaining the prison.

6. ADX-Florence Supermax Facility

ADX-Florence PrisonADX-Florence in Colorado is designed to hold the worst prisoners, many in near round-the-clock solitary confinement. A lawsuit was filed in June 2012 by several inmates. The lawsuit charges that the conditions of the prison create an environment for inmate abuse and torture.

5. La Sante Prison

La Sante PrisonParis, France is the home of La Sante Prison. The prison is known as such a brutal place that many prisoners have taken their own lives over serving their sentence there. 1999 saw the suicides of 124 prisoners. The violence in the prison is so pervasive that the prisoners are only out of their cells four hours out of the day. The prison’s system also creates a hierarchical structure that makes some prisoners more powerful than others and the conditions worse for the weaker prisoners.

4. Diyarbakir Prison

Diyarbakir PrisonThe conditions at Diyarbakir Prison in Diyarbakir, Turkey have been notoriously inhumane. One of the dark spots of the prison’s past for which it has been known is incarcerating children for lifelong sentences. The violent nature of the prison seems to be more from the side of the prison guards than the prisoners themselves. In 1996, an incident occurred where guards and police beat prisoners severely. This incident resulted the death of 10 prisoners and the injuries of 23.

3. La Sabaneta Prison

La Sabaneta PrisonLa Sabaneta Prison is located in Venezuela, South America. The facilities of the prison are designed to house 15,000 prisoners, but actually houses 25,000. The prison is greatly understaffed, with approximately 1 guard for every 150 inmates. The prison is known for its violent incidents. A violent gun battle in 1994 resulted in the death of 108 prisoners. Additionally, 196 prisoners were killed and 624 wounded because of jail violence in 1995.

2. Tadmor Prison

Tadmor PrisonTadmor Military Prison in Palmyra, Syria is known as one of the most oppressive prisons for a prisoner to serve time in the world. Amnesty International has stated that “every aspect of it was designed to dehumanize its inhabitants.” The most notorious event in the prison’s history was in June 1980. President Hafez al-Assad survived an attack on his life by the Muslim Brotherhood. It was reported that he orders soldiers to execute every prisoner in sight in retaliation for the attack. Tadmor was closed down in 2001, but reopened in 2011. It is no less brutal today.

1. Carandiru Penitentiary

CarandiruCarandiru Penitentiary in Brazil, South America is arguably the most violent and deadly prison in the world. In 1992, a violent prison massacre occurred when 102 inmates were shot dead. The prison is also known for terrible health problems. In the prison’s health wing, nearly one in five inmates has been diagnosed with HIV.

Though the world outside is itself a dangerous place, prisons are undoubtedly some of the most violent places in the world. Prisons take the most dangerous elements in the world and isolate them in small places. Though there are many violent prisons in the world, these ten serve as some of the most notorious.


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Dubai in United Arab Emirates a centre of human trafficking and prostitution

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Imagine if you were told of well-paid work in a new country, far from your impoverished home. Once you arrived, you learned the only way to make the promised money was through prostitution. That's what happened to 24-year-old Ethiopian Tsega*.

She sits on a bar stool in a dark basement bar in the old quarter of Dubai, dressed in a short skirt. Her hair is bleached.

"I started working in a supermarket, but life is so expensive here," she says.

Tsega's fate is shared with thousands of women in the United Arab Emirates. The country, and especially Dubai, one of the seven emirates, is known as a centre for prostitution and sex tourism in the Middle East.

Some estimates have as many as 30,000 sex workers in Dubai alone.

It is one of the many in the emirate where prostitutes offer their services openly, even though prostitution is strictly forbidden in the UAE and sharia courts can impose flogging as punishment.

For Tsega, there wasn't any money left from her monthly salary of 5000 Emirati dirhams ($1980) to send home to her sick mother. Now she earns about 20,000 dirhams a month.

"My family would never take the money if they knew. It's a big secret," she whispers and adds: "This work is really terrible.

"I think that in three months I will have earned enough and will go home."

A Filipino rock band starts playing and a German tourist comes over and asks where she is from.

In a nightclub on the top floor of a hotel in the northern city of Ras al-Khaima, six women in nylon dresses slowly circle on a stage lit by coloured spotlights. Plastic flower garlands hang around their necks. The walls are draped with purple and red velvet. At the tables in front of the stage, men dressed in the traditional Emirati long white garb known as a dishdasha are drinking strong liquor and smoking water pipes. The keyboard player sings in Iraqi Arabic: "Don't be so cruel, Syrian woman. This man is fed up with waiting. You are so stubborn. Bring your price down."

Sex services in the country are also openly advertised on websites and social media. How many women do this work of their own free will and how many are coerced is unknown, says Sara Suhail, director of the Ewa'a shelters for trafficked women and children. Most of the victims had been offered a respectable job as a receptionist in a hotel or as a secretary in the UAE while still in their home countries, she explains from her office at a shelter in an Abu Dhabi suburb. "They are often lured to the country by a friend or family member and don't suspect anything."

This was also the case with 19-year old Oksana, of Uzbekistan, who has long brown hair and is wearing a wide flower-print dress. She has been staying in the shelter for a few months now. Her best friend and her best friend's mother, who had earlier moved to Abu Dhabi, persuaded her to come too, saying many well-paid jobs were available.

Soon after however, her friend's mother told her to spend the night with an old Afghan man.

"Luckily, when I started crying, he didn't touch me," Oksana says in a soft voice. Instead he gave the mother 20,000 dirhams for the costs she had incurred in bringing the girl to the country. "But she didn't release me and instead found another man interested in a virgin like me." She managed to escape and the mother and daughter are now in prison.

Maitha al-Mazrouei, a shelter employee says helping victims of sexual abuse is something new in the Gulf region. "Most people don't know that prostitutes are often forced. It's still a big taboo." She shows the bedrooms with the bunk beds, the large kitchen and the rooms where painting and other creative courses take place.

Two Nigerian women are knitting in the living room in front of the TV.

"We want to go home," one of them whispers.

Dubai, Sharjah and Ras al-Khaima also have shelters, all opened by the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking after a law was passed in 2006 criminalising human trafficking. So far, fewer than 250 women and children have stayed in the shelters.

The number of victims who have received shelter has decreased in the past few years, the director says, thanks to the state's efforts in combating trafficking. The women are encouraged to take legal action, but in 2014, only 15 women took their cases to court.

However, Rothna Begum, researcher at Human Rights Watch, thinks that the number of victims who receive assistance, and the number of prosecutions are far lower than would conceivably be expected for a country known for its high rate of trafficking. "The UAE authorities would like to consider that the drop in cases is because of successful deterrence, but in fact, the success would be noted if there were more successful prosecutions", she said.

An activist for migrants' rights from one of the Persian Gulf countries, who asked not to be named after having received threats, says that "literally on a monthly basis" they receive reports about domestic workers being sold into sex slavery upon arrival in Dubai.

The government and recruitment agencies prefer not to upset the status quo, because they benefit from it economically, the activist says.


Female genital mutilation is no preventive treatment against some women, especially in India just becoming bitches who can think of nothing then getting fucked all day. They tried it in Somalia for centuries, and it failed. Somali girls are the wildest fuckers in the world.


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