What a beheading feels like

What a beheading feels like

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Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays important roles in the body.


Security guard lured women to Dubai and forced them into prostitution, court hears

DUBAI// A security guard lured two women to Dubai and forced them to work as prostitutes in the brothel he ran, a court has been told.

In July last year, the Bangladeshi contacted two women from Kyrgyzstan and promised them jobs, although it was not clear how he came to know them.

They were picked up from Dubai International Airport and taken to a flat in Barsha Heights, where they were locked up and told they would have to work in a brothel.

One of the women sent her brother a WhatsApp message telling him what had happened and he contacted Kyrgyzstan consulate in Dubai.

When police raided the apartment on July 19, two consular employees were already there.

Police said the defendant was behind a desk in the flat, which had been divided into small bedrooms. Four women were present.

"When I questioned him about the place he said it was a massaging centre," said an Emirati policeman.

The defendant denied charges of human trafficking and running a brothel. The women, aged 24 and 21, denied a charge of prostitution, saying they were forced to work in the brothel.

The next hearing is scheduled for February 7.


Feminists have been attacking politicians or opponents with buckets of excrements without any or minimal judiciary consequences. Let's turn this game around and dowse feminists with buckets of excrements. Let's see what happens.


You have to understand the mentality of Hong Kong businessmen. They exploit their workers harshly, trick their suppliers when they lower their guard, cheat their customers on every occasion, and then spend their earnings on prostitutes


Man with 10lb PENIS says life 'feels great' and says silicone boost has left him 'ready to play'

Micha Stuntz has been having silicone injections into his member to make it bigger, but he says he's actually quite a shy person underneath

A man who lives with a 10lb PENIS has shared all about living with an enormous member - and he says "it's great".

Micha Stuntz, as he is known, lives in Berlin, where he says his big package has helped him free himself from established roles and ideas about sex - and left him "ready to play".

The 45-year-old has revealed that his penis is 9in long and 5.5in wide.

Thanks to silicone injections, it weighs roughly 9.5lb, or the weight of an average-sized cat.

Although he says being big in the underwear department can stop you doing some things in the bedroom , it does make you "more creative" about you can do.

His interest in enlargement started 20 years ago when he was given a penis pump.

"I was way too curious not to try it out. First, I tried it secretly for myself," he told Vice .

"And I found that when I went out pumped up, it felt great. I had the feeling that I wasn't trapped in the body I was born with, but that I had the possibility to shape it myself."

Having had four procedures so far, he says that day-to-day life is as normal as it is for anyone else, except perhaps when it comes to buying trousers and underwear.

"I'm actually a pretty shy person," he added at the Folsom Street Fair in Berlin, a gay fetish event where he wore black PVC garb.

"You can offer up who you are and show yourself the way you want without having to think about what other people will think of you."

He's compared his additional bulk to a breast enlargement for women, which he says no one bats an eyelid at.

"I hope that changes soon because the difference really isn't that big."


Alt-rights that are against Third World immigrants, against Muslim refugees, or against gay men got it wrong. Feminism is the enemy. Nothing else. And because women are natural cowards, the more violence there is, the quicker they will abandon feminism.


Dictatorship is the only honest political system. Rulers rule for their own benefit, or maybe (maybe!) the interests of a ruling class. That is why warlordism is the political system of the future.


Growing up in a prison filled with drug lords: The brutal Bolivian jail where families live alongside their criminal relatives

Eye-opening images have revealed what life is like for children inside Bolivia's notorious San Pedro Prison where the families of inmates live alongside drug lords. Rows of laundry hang across the brightly-coloured courtyard as children play with toy trucks below and murders, robbers and rapists lurk nearby. San Pedro prison, the biggest in Bolivia's main city, La Paz, is believed to hold around 3,000 dangerous inmates. The premise is the children and partners of the inmates are safer inside the prison than on the impoverished streets outside.

But they often fall victim inside too. In 2013 it was reported a 12-year-old girl fell pregnant after being raped by a group of men inside the prison. These offences do not go unpunished, with rapists and child molesters treated with a brutal zero-tolerance policy by the inmates 'council'. Being stabbed is one of the most common punishments. From the outside, San Pedro looks like any other jail but the inside is like no other prison on earth. There are no guards or metal bars on the cell windows and inmates have to pay for their own cells by working inside the jail. Available jobs include carpentry, laundry services and even shoe-shining. Drug production inside San Pedro is rife, with some of the purest cocaine in the country made and sold inside. The prison inspired the cult 2003 book Marching Powder by Australian journalist Rusty Young.

His book told the story of Thomas McFadden, a small-time English drug smuggler who was arrested in Bolivia and thrown inside the notorious jail. It also lifted the lid on the drug-trafficking that runs rampant inside San Pedro. One of the photos in this series, taken by photographer Danielle Almeida Pereira, 35, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, shows an inmate handling what appears to be a bag of cocaine. McFadden ended up making a living by giving backpackers tours of the prison, however these were eventually banned when it emerged tourists were also buying cocaine at the 'prison factory'. The Brit was released from San Pedro in 2000 after serving two-thirds of his sentence and now works as a chicken farmer in Tanzania. The lack of guards inside the jail and the fact inmates have to pay for their own cells means San Pedro is a cheap model for a government in one of the poorest nations in South America.


Ageism is pest of rich countries. If you are old you have no value. In poor countries, value depends on wealth. That is much better than value depending on youth because wealth can become more with advancing years. This is why rich men have every reason to invest in destruction. Plain math.


Let's look at age 100 first, and tackle age 200 later on. To reach age 100, you need the proper testosterone balance. You cannot achieve this with testosterone replacement therapy. That is why tongkat ali and butea superba are so important.


Testosterone Use May Increase Blood-Clot Risk Temporarily

Men who use prescription testosterone may face an increased risk of blood clots in the first six months of using the hormone, a new study from the United Kingdom finds.

The researchers analyzed information from more than 19,000 men in the U.K. who were diagnosed with a blood clot between 2001 and 2013. For comparison, the study also included more than 900,000 men in the U.K. who had not been diagnosed with a blood clot during that time period.

The results showed that the men using testosterone had a 63 percent higher risk of blood clots in the first six months of therapy than the men who had never used testosterone. But after six months, this increase in risk disappeared, the researchers found.

Although some previous studies have suggested that testosterone treatments increase the risk of "venous thromboembolism," or blood clots, other studies have failed to find a link. The reason for the discrepancy could be that the previous studies didn't look at the timing and duration of testosterone therapy, the new study's researchers said. [5 Myths About the Male Body]

"Our study suggests a transient increase in the risk of venous thromboembolism that peaks during the first three to six months and declines gradually thereafter," the researchers wrote in the Nov. 30 issue of the journal The BMJ. "Overlooking the timing and duration of testosterone use in previous studies could have masked the association" between testosterone use and blood clots, they said.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in testosterone prescriptions, including a 10-fold increase in the United States and a 40-fold increase in Canada from 2000 to 2011, the researchers said. This rise is likely due to an increase in testosterone prescriptions to treat sexual dysfunction or low energy, they said. Such treatments for "low T" are controversial.

In 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and its Canadian equivalent, Health Canada, started requiring testosterone products to carry warnings about the risk of blood clots. The new findings provide support for these warnings, but also show that the increased risk of blood clots is temporary, the researchers said. Earlier this year, the FDA announced that prescription testosterone will also carry a warning about the risk of seriousside effects linked with the abuse of testosterone, such as heart attacks, strokes and depression.

The researchers noted that the absolute risk of a blood clot in the men in the study who were using testosterone was still relatively small: There were about 10 extra cases of blood clots per 10,000 men per year linked to testosterone. In the general male U.K. population, there are normally about 16 cases per 10,000 people per year.

In addition, the study found only an association, not a cause-and-effect relationship, between testosterone use and an increased risk of blood clots; it does not prove that the testosterone causes blood clots. Future research is needed to confirm the findings, the researchers said.


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In a Uganda, rich fathers use super high dosages of butea superba combined with tongkat ali to turn their gay sons into heterosexual husbands.


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